Artemis & Diana – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie – Sofimates

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Introducing the Artemis & Diana Sofimates figures from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie, an enchanting duo that brings celestial magic to your Sailor Moon collection. Meticulously crafted, these figures capture the elegance and mystique of Artemis and Diana in poses that reflect the cosmic essence of these beloved characters.

Part of the Sofimates series, these collectibles stand as a testament to premium quality and craftsmanship. From the intricately designed details on Artemis’ bow to the adorable charm of Diana, every aspect is thoughtfully created. The figures exude a sense of grace and magic, making them standout pieces for Sailor Moon enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Elevate your display with the Artemis & Diana Sofimates figures, bringing the enchantment of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie to life with vibrant colors and authentic detailing. A must-have for fans, these finely crafted masterpieces pay homage to the timeless magic of Sailor Moon in a captivating and celestial way.